Joaquín E. Jácome Diez is the senior partner of JACOME & JACOME. He currently practices law in Panamá, specialized in International law , Corporate, Maritime and Foreign Direct Investment Issues, having a wide variety of international clients in these areas.

Mr. Jácome served as Minister of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Panamá (1999-2004). While in office he was responsible for developing the strategy before the Executive and Legislative Branch of the United States up to the launching of the bilateral Free Trade Agreement between Panamá and the United States. He also formed the private and public officials team in charge of the negotiations that he directed until the end his period. He also concluded and signed Panama´s first modern Free Trade Agreement with Central America, Salvador. And International trade Negotiations with Colombia and Dominican Republic.
During his duties Mr. Jàcome created a unique team that developed an aggressive Trade and Investment and agenda for the Republic of Panamá towards Asia- Pacific region . Therefore Panamá was the first country to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement with Taiwan and also created a strategy to launch and negotiate a Free Trade Agreement with Singapore. Both agreements serves to enhance Panama´s capacities as the most important and secure hub of the western hemisphere.
Mr. Jacome chaired the board of Directors of Colon Free Zone, Panamanian Tourism Bureau, Baru Free Zone, Small Medium Enterprises Authority, Panamá`s Commission for the Permanent Secretariat to the Free Trade Area of the Americas and was the Chairman to Miss Universe 2003 Host Committee .
In his capacity as Minister of trade conducted a series of high levels negotiations in the Maritime, Tourism, Hydrocarbon, Agriculture, Investment, Dispute Solutions and International Arbitration.
He also led several trade delegations to United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia and represented Panamá in International Trade negotiations in the Free Trade Area of the Americas and World Trade Organization.
Previous to the post as Minister of Trade and Industry he served in the capacity of Chief legal Counsel of ECONOGRUPO.

Mr. Jácome also served as a Panamanian Diplomat ( Attache and Charge D`Affaires to the Kingdom of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Republics of Finland and Lithuania .
He has a Lawyers degree from Los Andes University, Bogotá, Colombia and a Master’s Degree in International Law from Stockholm University.
He was selected as 2005 Yale World Fellows at Yale University. (
He also belongs to the National Bar Association were he served in the board of Directors and the Panamanian Maritime Law Association.


Practice Areas: Civil Litigation; Banking; Commercial Contracts; Corporate Law
Admitted: 1991, Panama
Education: Universidad de Panama (Degree in Law and Political Science, magna cum laude, 1991); Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris II, France (Diplôme Supérieur de lapostrofeUniversité-DSU, Spécialisation Droit Commercial, Mention Assez Bien, 1992; Diplôme dapostrofeEtudes Doctorales, Mention Trés Honorable, Spécialisation Droit Commercial, 1994)
Member: Colegio Nacional de Abogados; American Bar Association (ABA); Federación Inter-Americana de Abogados (FIA); Asociación Profesionales de la Nueva Generación Jurídica (APNGJ) (Founder, Board of Directors, 1996-1997); Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA); Panamanian Commercial Law Association; Panamanian Maritime Law Association (Member, Board of Directors, 1997).
Biography: Sigma Lambda. Author: "La Regulación Legal de la Exoneración del Impuesto de Inmueble en Panamá"; "El Control de la Constitucionalidad en Panamá"; "Los Nuevos Medios de Prueba y su uso en el Proceso Civil," 1991; "Le Droit de propriété comme garantie non traditionnelle du crédit bancaire au Panama et en France"; "El Medio Científico Como Prueba Documental." Counsel to, French Embassy in Panama. Member, Board of Directors, 1995-2000 and Counsel to Alliance Francaise (Panama). Authorized Public Interpreter: English and French by means of Resolution Number 19 of January 30th, 1995..
Languages: Spanish, English and French
Born: Panama City, Republic of Panama, January 6, 1969

Of Counsel


Practice Areas: Civil Litigation; Banking; Banking Litigation; Commercial Contracts
Admitted: 1960, Panama
Education: University of Panama (Degree in Law and Political Sciences, 1959); University of Madrid, Spain (Doctor of Laws, 1961)
Member: Panama Bar Association (Member, Board of Directors, 1962-1963; 1965-1966); Panamanian Institute of Civil Procedure (Founder; Member, Board of Directors); Academia Panameña de Derecho.
Biography: Sigma Lambda. Author: "Derecho Procesal Civil"; "La Ejecucion de Sentencia Extranjera," Lex Magazine; "La Etica Profesional del Abogado," Lex Magazine; "Poder de Direccion del Juez en el Proceso Civil," Yearbook of Law; "Problemas Concernientes a los titulos Ejecutivos," Yearbook of Law; "Efectos de la Declaratoria de Quiebra," Yearbook of Law; "Principios de Derecho Probatorio en el Nuevo Código Judicial," Lex Magazine and other essays on Civil Procedure, Litigation and Banking. Researcher, School of Law, 1962-1982. Professor: Civil Procedure Law, University of Panama, 1965-1999; Civil Procedure, Masterapostrofes Degree Program, University of Panama. Chief Legal Counsel, National Bank of Panama, 1964-1967. Legal Counsel, Institute of Housing, 1967-1968. Special Commission Appointed by the Supreme Court of Justice to Review the Legal Provision on Civil Procedure.
Languages: Spanish
Born: Panama City, Panama, January 11, 1935.



Born Panama City, Republic of Panama, May 1st, 1975; admitted, 2001, Panama. Education: University of Panama (Degree in Law and Political Science, 2001); Latin America University of Sciences and Technology (Post Graduate in Commercial Law, 2002); Latin America University of Sciences and Technology (Master in Corporate Law, 2003;Trade Policy Course (World Trade Organization 2003); Intellectual Property Course (WIPO 2003); Metropolitan University of Education, Sciences and Technology, Degree in Administrative Law, (2006); Metropolitan University of Education, Sciences and Technology, Degree in Discovery Law, (2007); Deputy Representative of Panama at World Trade Organization (2003-2004); Ministry of Trade and Industry – Lawyer (2001-2003) . MEMBER: Colegio Nacional de Abogados. LANGUAGES: Spanish and English. PRACTICE AREAS: International Trade, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Copyright infringement; Government Procurement and Contracts.